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These days we enjoy what technology has to offer in the way of camcorders, mp3 players and digital cameras. They're easy to use and the information they capture can easily be stored or sent around the world in the blink of an eye.

Go back 50 or 60 years and you'd have names like Super 8, Telefunken, Grundig, and Kodak Box Brownies. Obviously the technology then was in its infancy compared to now but for so many people they did the same job; that of capturing memories and freezing time for a split second.

The devices from those days are all but gone, rusted, lost, sold, handed down, or simply refuse to work.

Now, folk are discovering the joy of having their old films and slides transferred to video, dvd or cd-rom and seeing or hearing a loved one, perhaps long since passed away. It can be an emotional experience. There are great services for such conversions out there and the results can be stunning.

Not so common is a service specialising purely in audio transfers of all but forgotten media such as reel to reel tape. This is where Get Reel Services can help. Even the more recent obsolete types such as DCC, DAT and (not so recent) the venerable cassette are included in our ability to unlock the past.








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We recommend the use of a courier for the transfer of your media. Please contact us prior to sending.


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